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  • Winter Escape

    Utah has some of the best snow on earth! Experience it in STYLE and feel the adrenaline as we take you riding through the best terrain Utah has to offer…

  • Scenic Trails

    We say scenic….but that is only when we stop to take it in….the rest of the time we are flying down the familiar trails, flooring it thru switchbacks, and hugging the trails through the forest line.

Welcome to Bryce Canyon Extreme!


Want a slow, relaxing, boring hike through Bryce Canyon, Utah? You’d best turn around, and visit another site because Bryce Canyon Extreme isn’t for you!

But if you want a Bryce Canyon vacation that you’ll never forget, Bryce Canyon Extreme will seriously deliver. From adrenaline-fueled Bryce Canyon rides by snowmobile through the best snow on Earth to high-octane summertime ATV or Polaris RZR tours across apocalyptic red rocks, our name promises exactly what our guides will show you: Bryce Canyon to the extreme!

For over two years, we’ve been leading guests on Bryce Canyon tours that leave them white-knuckled, exhilarated, and dreaming of the Utah wilds. You get to take in all of the awe-inspiring scenery of Southern Utah – erosion-carved amphitheaters, slot canyons, spires, arches, unexpected forests – in the natural arena of Bryce Canyon. Rides on ATVs or Polaris RZRs provide the opportunity to cover way more ground than you could ever do in a day on foot, outstripping the 1 million people who get to see only a fraction of this eye-popping environment each year.

Bryce Canyon Extreme can lead your group on a Bryce Canyon tour that will far surpass anything else you’ve ever experienced. Just a small recreational group looking for a new way to see Utah? We can show you everything you’ve been missing. Looking to up the ante on family vacations? This Bryce Canyon vacation will prove once and for all whether grandma is tougher than you are. Have a corporate group in need of some bonding time? We’ll take you on a trip through Bryce Canyon that will be far more memorable than any corporate retreat.

Need Bryce Canyon lodging for your trip? We’ll hook you up with local 4-star accommodations so you can wash off the dust and sweat and come back for more. Even better, we’ll supply you with the very best machinery for all your Bryce Canyon rides. And while our Bryce Canyon tours aren’t for the weak of heart (we are Bryce Canyon Extreme, after all), we’re happy to work with your group to determine a pace that works for you. We promise not to leave grandma or Jerry from accounting behind. Want to book the Bryce Canyon vacation of a lifetime? We’re only a phone call away. Hit us up at (801) 210-8316 to find out more about pricing, tour packages, Bryce Canyon lodging, and how you can (try to) prepare yourself for a tour like you’ve never experienced.